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Soft Tissue Therapy/Sports Massage

Offered as a one hour appointment, the session includes a full consultation, postural and joint/range of movement assessment (where required), individually tailored sports/deep tissue massage using a variety of techniques to release muscle tension, mobilise soft tissues, increase range of movement/mobility and enhance overall wellbeing.

If appropriate to your needs, a bespoke home care rehab exercise plan will be provided to enable you to maintain and enhance the benefits achieved through treatment and, to help to avoid recurrence of the issue.


Kinesiology Taping


Kinesiology taping is applied to the relevant problem joint/muscle to aid faster recovery from injury, reduce pain and swelling, offload the tissue and provide support without restricting your range of movement.


Kinesiology tape is waterproof and with care will last up to 3-5 days. The tape can be applied pre-event to support performance or for common injuries.

Dry Cupping

Dry Cupping is a form of manual therapy whereby the cups are placed over several areas of soft tissue to create a vacuum (negative pressure) which lifts the tissue and creates an upward stretch within the muscle and associated fascia.

Dry cupping can be used within your treatment to help increase blood flow to the area to encourage healing and generate a stretch/lengthening of the tissue. This helps reduce muscle tension and associated pain, as well as increase range of movement.


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